About Us

GlobalPact Foods Corporation-GP Foods is a part of GlobalPact International Holdings Limited, a multinational group that has a global presence and working into diversified sectors like Financial Services, Real Estate Development, Media & Advertising, IT & Software development, Jewellery Design & Manufacturing, International Trading etc. The group is dedicated to the task of empowering companies and organizations to move towards a fulfilling and enriching way of life.

GP Foods has been incorporated with a vision to bring quality food products and ingredients from the Mediterranean region to the Indian market space. With the upcoming supermarkets, exclusive FMCG stores and international exposure, Indians are now enthusiastic to try new international food cuisines and make it a part of their routine diet. After extensive market research, the company has entered into exclusive partnerships with the Global food manufacturing companies particularly from the Mediterranean region.

The company is going to launch the prestigious brands like Melissa (Pasta), ION (Chocolates), Intercomm (Olives) and few other global brands in India on an exclusive basis. A Pan-India distribution network, an innovative marketing strategy and an aggressive sales team will ensure that all the brands will have a significant retail presence.


To offer the best quality food products at a reasonable price


To be a market leader of high quality Global Foods & Cuisines


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