Olive Oil

Olive is the fruit of the olive tree. Because it is a fruit and as such it is exposed to the atmosphere and the oxidation that comes with it, it developed an excellent  natural defensive mechanism against oxidation. This is the reason why the olive amongst other nutrients is rich in polyphenols and lutein. Olives are a taste enjoyed around the globe, and a wholesome, healthy food to share with your family and friends.


Agrotiki S.A. is one of the largest export companies in Greece and one of the biggest refineries of olive oils in Europe specializing refining , packing, exporting of Greek Olive oils.

- What allowed us to reach and maintain our  leading position within the industry is the result of our long and valuable experience and flexibility.

- To capitalize on our world presence and leading position in the local market we continuously improve all aspects of performance by adhering to our quality many system planned and developed to meet international standards.

- Innovation in all activities traditionally being the driving force for the company and specialization allows us today to offer olive oils of premium quality in bulk or in packings to cover international market needs.

- We are committed to offer to our customers Greek olive oils under a wide range of packing options and solutions. Private label products are an important and growing part of our business activities. Our packaging capabilities are centered entirely around customer's needs.

- GP Foods are exclusive distributors for Agrotiki S.A. products in India.