Olive Products

Olive is the fruit of the olive tree. Because it is a fruit and as such it is exposed to the atmosphere and the oxidation that comes with it, it developed an excellent  natural defensive mechanism against oxidation. This is the reason why the olive amongst other nutrients is rich in polyphenols and lutein. Olives are a taste enjoyed around the globe, and a wholesome, healthy food to share with your family and friends.


INTERCOMM FOODS S.A., founded in 1990, is located in the low Thessalian district of Larissa, in Central Greece and is one of the leading Greek exports companies (annual turnover of 60 mil. euro). The company has strong experience in PRIVATE LABEL products, while developing in parallel its main brand DELPHI.

- The company’s headquarters, warehouse and production facilities cover an area of approximately 130.000m2.

- There are two factories divisions, the OLIVE factory and the FRUIT factory. In 1999, the company performed a large investment in the field of olives, with modern installations and state-of-the-art equipment. Through this investment, we have succeeded to be a leader olive processing company in Greece, with the highest standards, gaining more and more the recognition of the table olives market worldwide.Intercomm is also a leader in ASEPTIC fruit, supplying peach and apricot to top Clients all over the world and satisfying all quality requirements.

- The main product categories are:

• olives & antipasti

• aseptic peach & apricot fruit

• jams-compote-syrups

• peaches in cans & jars