Pasta An ally to a healthy diet!

The continuously rising demand for products with high nutritious value that contribute to the protection of the environment, to defending our health and to a better diet, as well as the continuous research for the constant improvement of our products' quality, have all led to the creation and selection of the new series Organic Farming Pasta.

The selection is made from organically cultivated varieties of durum wheat through methods and procedures which respect the environment and the fruits of the earth. The processing follows sophisticated methods of latest technology, preserving and enclosing purity in every package of organic pasta.

The innovative package made of paper and cellophane which highlights the product's natural origin, protects the product while respecting the environment, given that all materials are recyclable. Organic agriculture is a farming management system which provides the consumer with tasty, authentic foodstuff while respecting every ecosystem's balance at the same time. A foodstuff is considered organic when its production procedures are certified by a recognized and competent national authority and is marked with the organic certification sign of the European Union. All Primo Gusto Bio products are certified by the BIO HELLAS Inspection and Certification Body for Organic Products with certification code B-266668.

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