For sixty years now, being the biggest Greek pasta industry, we produce high quality pasta in a wide variety.

So, we thought the time to create something for our young friends has come. We asked them what they liked and, thus the new unique series of children pasta "Melissa Pasta Kids" came about! In that way, kids eat their favorite food while playing with…pets, toy cars, balls, letters, numbers, SpongeBob, Dora the Explorer, Disney's Cars and Disney's Fairies!

Moms, for their part, can feel safe, since their kids are occupied, they play and learn simultaneously, even during lunch-time, while moms can be sure that Melissa provides them with a healthy choice, produced with the purest Greek ingredients!

Original, delicious and easy to prepare, both for the everyday family table and for children's parties, where Pasta Kids disappear in no time! These unique shapes let the sauce deep inside the pasta and help small children eat by themselves without staining their clothes, as is usually the case with classic pasta. Moreover, kids enjoy all nutritious ingredients and carbohydrates of pasta. In that way, their bodies function in a balanced way and they take all the energy they need.

In the back of each pack you will find original recipes, made and tested by the moms in our company, who created healthy, easy to make and beloved dishes. Most of the recipes contain vegetables and pulses in order to make your children's meals even healthier. Our little friends now have a series of pasta all for themselves; it will never let them get bored, since it is continuously enriched with their favorite heroes! Food becomes… a game, the pleasure becomes even bigger and our little pasta lovers become even more smiling. If your kids share them with you, you will understand what makes them so unique! Because in Greece both kids and grown-ups are pasta lovers! What can we do about it?

Christmas 2011 will be magic, as both kids and adults welcome Christmas Pasta Kids "Play with Christmas Spirit"! Melissa's Christmas package is made with love for the children but also for all of us who feel like children every Christmas! In 2012 we welcomed to Melissa a very famous and very much in love Disney cartoon couple: the Lady and the Tramp!

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