Wholegrain pasta is produced by the whole seed of grain and is rich in carbohydrates and fibers. They provide us with energy and constitute a healthy diet choice, especially when combined with a light tomato sauce. A well balanced diet paired with light physical exercise daily, can positively influence the control and the preservation of our ideal body weight.

All the more nutritionists integrate wholegrain pasta in their recommended diets, as they constitute a rich source of complex carbohydrate together with good quality of herbal protein, thus providing our body with energy but also with vitamins, which are essential for the proper functioning of our metabolism. Besides, this is the reason that they are preferred by athletes, as well as by people who pay close attention to their nutrition or exercise themselves often.

Wholegrain pasta is also recommended by doctors to patients with diabetes given that complex carbohydrates and fibers keep glucose levels stable. Also, they assist bowel's activity by removing hazardous substances.

It is estimated that a serving of wholegrain pasta, provides our body with 27% of the fibers it needs on a daily basis.

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